A Shovel and Rake and a Hoe went into a bar …

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A Shovel and Rake and a Hoe went into a bar …

This is a discussion on A Shovel and Rake and a Hoe went into a bar … within the Gardening forums, part of the Survival Food Procurement category; Since @ Redneck turned me onto the ProHoe hoes ( Wood & Fiberglass Field Hoes | Prohoe | Rogue Field Hoes ) I’ve added one ...

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Thread: A Shovel and Rake and a Hoe went into a bar …

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    A Shovel and Rake and a Hoe went into a bar …

    Since @Redneck turned me onto the ProHoe hoes (Wood & Fiberglass Field Hoes | Prohoe | Rogue Field Hoes ) I’ve added one of their Rakes (F115FR - Fire Tools | Ash Handles | Fiberglass Handles | Prohoe ). I appreciate their tools being of such high quality. I tend to be hard on shovels, but unfortunately, ProHoe doesn’t make shovels. I looked at several reviews online (such as The Best Shovel | The Sweethome ) and today the postie delivered a 14 guage Bully Tools shovel with fiberglass handle. The hoe is 60” tall, as is the shovel and rake.

    I splurged and she also dropped off a new torque wrench. I feel a bit guilty spending so much on it and am debating if I should return it and get something less expensive. (The ying and yang dispute of wanting quality items while being fiscally conservative.)

    Anyway, what shovel do you recommend and why? I’ll probably pick up another one or two.
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    Bought a backhoe for the tractor. Best money I ever spent. Haven't touched a shovel since. New Holland/Ford would be my recommendation.
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    Speaking from experience, I will never buy another hollow fiberglass handled shovel again.
    You cannot get anywhere near the leverage without it wanting to crack and bend.

    Hardwood handles for me, now and forever.

    I hope yours lasts longer than mine did.
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    Words to work by ..... use the right tool for the job.
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