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Plant a Tree or More

This is a discussion on Plant a Tree or More within the Garden, Canning, Long Term Food Storage forums, part of the Survival Food Procurement category; Read alot about gardening. Do you guys have family orchards in place? I planted the last of my orchard in CA last spring and was ...

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    Plant a Tree or More

    Read alot about gardening. Do you guys have family orchards in place?

    I planted the last of my orchard in CA last spring and was floored with the crop
    I got in Pears already. I think we got about 50 off the three trees we just planted
    last fall. They were probably 3 ft high when we planted them - now nearing 5 ft
    and producing nicely. We planted 3 of them in a 3 foot triangle and am meshing
    them together. I wasn't sure about this plan - it came from the nursery and
    they seem to be doing well. We just planted 3 peach trees the same way I got
    at Lowes for $28 for the 3 of them - soon to be tossed I think.

    On one residential lot in town we have 3 peaches, 3 pears, 2 oranges, an almond,
    a fig and plum tree. I can't eat all that, its amazing how much comes off a full
    grown tree.

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    That's great!

    If you want a different perspective on growing fruit trees (and stuff in general) get a copy of "The One-Straw Revolution" by Masanobu Fukuoka. His no tilling, no chemicals, no fertilizer, no pruning "natural farming" techniques mimic nature and resulted in one of the most productive small farms in Japan. Well worth a read.

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    For a few years I have been planting 4-6 fruit trees and a Pecan tree or two every year. Probably have about 28-30 trees planted so far and probably wont plant more than a couple more outside that unless I loose one. I have Plum, Peach, Pear, Apple, Persimon, Fig, Satsuma Tangerine and the large thin shelled Pecans, cant remember the variety off hand.

    As a kid growing up we often used the blemished fruit and the fruit that fell off the tree before harvest to slop the hogs with minus the seeds or cores. Made lots of Jelly and dried a awful lot of fruit in addition to eating it fresh. Hogs will fatten up lickity split in the fall when most of the fruit is coming ripe and you have more than you can eat or dry and cuts down on the feed you gotta buy considerably.

    This was one of the first things I got to working on as soon as I got my property. Many of these trees take several years to really mature and start producing. If the SHTF, you might not have the luxury of that much time to wait for a newly planted tree to start producing. The other aspect of that is a tree can produce several bushel baskets of fruit per a tree giving you a lot of bang for the buck and space. The other added plus is there are lots of festively plump deer, hogs, turkey and squirrels on the property now!!! It was way cheaper than buying a pallet of field corn for deer feeders every year too.

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    Awesome idea! These days people tend to plant worthless ornamental trees just because they are worried that the dropping fruit or nuts will mess up their pretty little irrigated (and worthless) lawn.

    I am looking to do likewise in that I am about to loose a few green ash trees to the emerald ash borer, so will have more space and sun to support food trees instead.
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