I have many neighbors who make a living growing and selling vegetables and flowers. Some use small (under 40 hp) tractors and implements while others use horses and horse drawn machinery/ wagons. They raise what they can eat plus enough to sell for a living.

Even without machinery or animal power ( horse, oxen, mule) you can cultivate a garden for your family as long as you have one able bodied person and hand tools. I sold my garden tiller as I had time and needed the exercise. But make no mistake turning the garden in the fall and or spring takes three days a good 15 hours . Maybe a younger person can do it in a day but I tend to do a section at a time.

After that it is anther 2 long days to plant . Then an hour or two every other day watering, weeding , picking , planting fall garden or subsequent plantings . You plant lettuce then a week or two later some more so that every week for weeks you got fresh lettuce to pick . Same for carrots and many other crops- you want ot spread out when it will be ready to harvest.