Begginer prep in need of advice

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Begginer prep in need of advice

This is a discussion on Begginer prep in need of advice within the Food, Health and Fitness Survival forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Ok so I just began making and thinking about a pantry. I'm not really a prepper, mostly because im a 19yo student living with my ...

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Thread: Begginer prep in need of advice

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    Question Begginer prep in need of advice

    Ok so I just began making and thinking about a pantry.

    I'm not really a prepper, mostly because im a 19yo student living with my dad. Otherwise, I would invest a lot more in it but at the moment its not a top priority in my life.
    I'm not really worried about a super apocalyptic scenaryo that will last for decades but I do feel like having food and water for a few months its common sense.
    All the time we see natural disasters causing a big mess in any part of the world and people desesperate because they have no food, water, electricity etc.

    But thats not really my point..if you're here in this forum you already know all that and you're probably thinking that im pretty dumb for not prepping more serious but well.

    I need advice in foods, ways to store food and how long do they last.
    Do canned goods really expire?
    What are the best foods to store if you cant get MRE's and freeze dried stuff? (Im not from the US, none of that exists in my country)
    Are there ways to store vegetables, meats, etc on my own? And I mean a way to store it without the need of getting an expensive dehydrator
    And any other advice regarding this topic would be great!
    Thanks for reading and sorry if i made a few grammatical mistakes, english is not my home language hehe

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    Can goods do expire but last beyond the expiration date. Use and replace them when that date gets near. This rotational system will take some organization.

    Vegetables and meats can be frozen or canned. Do a shearch on line for food preservation methods or the library files of this forum.

    Water stores very well. Some advocate a tiny bit of bleach to ensure long self life. Shearch the library files on this forum.
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    suggest you do your own research - it is a learning experience - there is other prepper websites with "resource" tabs that are loaded with various prepping info >>>> your few basic starter questions will be answered and you'll see more questions getting answered that you did not realize were important ...

    nationality? - there are some international prepper websites that could have your native language covered and some native preppers ....
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    Have some 2 year old canned goods you could try for yourself.
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    Start with everyday stuff you like. When you buy this, buy a little extra each time. You will surprise yourself when you find just how quickly buying a little extra each time adds up.

    Rotate your stock as in first in, first out. This way you will have less to worry about expiration dates. Most expiration dates are just suggestions. Most food will last at least a couple of years or more past that date. You can research this online and it's a good thing to do.
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    Don't forget dry storage of things like rice, beans and such. Using Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers works wonders.
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    Rice and beans in plastic bags or glass Jars just a couple weeks worth to start. Canned goods and then rotate open an old / stored bag of rice and put the new one in storage . Keep using old putting new in storage and trying to add a couple bags of beans/ rice or cans a month. It won't go bad and if times get rough you can eat for a awhile. In real bad times having money does no good as folks will not sell hyper inflation, earth quake , wild fires, long term power outage - keep you cash I want food to eat .
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    @Gigio ,
    Welcome, and thank you for joining us.
    We are a little on edge, about newcomers, most of them tell us lies. I think you are honest, and will treat you accordingly.
    Yes, as stated above, buy extra of what you normally eat. A few cans of spaghetteos, or beef stew.
    Label the top with purchase month and year.
    Put them in a closet, and next payday, buy a few more. Rotate newest in and oldest to the top.
    Rice, beans, coffee, sugar, can be small purchases.
    Keep an inventory, so if a sale catches your eye, you will know if it has value to you.
    Best of luck, keep asking questions, and tell us about yourself.
    We love newcomers, some we bash and mistreat, some we teach and learn from.
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    First off, welcome.
    Second, common sense is extinct, just look around you, it's just sense now and the majority don't have any.
    Third, you've taken a step in the right direction, read, learn, ask questions and prep to the level you feel is appropriate and then prep some more.
    I'll be done when I'm finished, if that's not fast enough, take a number please.

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    Welcome. Here are a couple of things that I learned that can make a big difference. You mention food but you need water more than food and it is almost impossible to store enough to get you though even a short term emergency. If you get plenty of rain where you live collect the rain water from your roof in large barrels (food grade of course) but you will also need a way to purify. Boiling works but there are better methods if you can filter or use bleach. Ultimately you need to locate a source that you can count on- a stream or a lake but you will need away to purify just like collecting rain water off your roof.

    Think about things in a hierarchy of needs. You can die of exposure without shelter in a few hours you need water every day and after just two days without it you are in trouble but you can go a week without food. You will be tired but you can do it. This helps to figure out what your priorities should be. How do you solve shelter if House is destroyed? Where do you get water? Etc. start planning for short term and build. Start small so you don’t get overwhelmed. Shelter could be a tarp and means to start a fire. I hope that helps

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