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I had a wake up call

This is a discussion on I had a wake up call within the Food, Health and Fitness Survival forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; There is a radio commercial here, it says that--the first symptom most people have of a heart attack IS a heart attack--or something like that. ...

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Thread: I had a wake up call

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    There is a radio commercial here, it says that--the first symptom most people have of a heart attack IS a heart attack--or something like that. It is true, the science is not that good at detecting them, or may other serious things.
    Like ulcers of the stomach, for instance. I had one that ruptured and I darn near croaked, and it was never detected, until it ruptured. It was some of the worst pain that I have endured.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigfoot63 View Post
    I recently had a very rude wake up call. I suffered a heart attack in late November of 2017. Ended up with three stents and a whoe bunch of new meds. Not what I would call fun. The point I'm making is that I felt fine, no indication that I had two blockages. One was 90% the other 85%. I was lucky to be where I was when it happened. My primary never even hinted there was a problem... Needless to say I now have a new primary and to my great excitement a cardiologist. Recovery is going well. Most recent labs say on the right track. Pay attention, because something like this could end your prepping days or the ability to implement your preps.
    So glad everything worked out for you and you're on the mend.

    Can't help but think it's best to have happened now instead of post-shtf when good medical care isn't available. That goes for any type of health issue and getting good medical care & check ups and still get any problems taken care of or treated NOW while we still can. So if anyone hasn't been to a DR lately for a checkup or something odd getting checked out, don't put it off any longer.

    Besides, if SHTF in the near future and either transportation &/or medical services weren't available.......how you going to take care of your family if you go down with something that could have been taken care of beforehand???? That goes for anyone of any age.

    Trust me, from someone that has learned this the hard way.......if you have any, and I do mean ANY, concerns, get your butt to a DR & have it checked. Even if you don't have any concerns but has been awhile since you've seen the Dr or a physical exam and seem to be healthy. Get er done, just to be sure. The life you save, could be your own.

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    @Bigfoot63 When you got the new primary... did they make mention of any early warning signs other than chest pain that you may have missed? Since turning 45, I've started getting a physical every year. Only thing that has my primary worried was my cholesterol, but with med is much lower now. At 47 I feel ok, swim twice a week and do some lifting and biking 3 times a week. No pains but I fart more now than when I was younger.
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    I can relate to the farting more often, but to answer yor question, no the Dr. Did not mention anything in particular the I might have or should catch. He did the same cholesterol dance to meds... Six months and the bad is lower and the good well above where he wanted it to be. Of course the. Fried foods didn't help. Since the attack I dropped sixty pounds and like I said got the cholesterol under control. I feel better but I still ended up in the hospital again for a week long vacation with every test know to aliens( haha) turned out to be angina brought on by stress. Scared the crap out of me again.worst part is the blood thinners!! I fart and I'm bleeding from my elbow, I walk through a door and the back of my hand is pouring blood. Got to be careful!!!
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