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Head Lice -...

This is a discussion on Head Lice -... within the First Aid and Medical Preparedness forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; That's what my Great Grandma use to say, kerosene/coal oil. Otherwise shave it. Some folks say also to smother them with petroleum jelly or something ...

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Thread: Head Lice -...

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    That's what my Great Grandma use to say, kerosene/coal oil. Otherwise shave it.
    Some folks say also to smother them with petroleum jelly or something thick that cuts off oxygen (can't breath), I guess a thick conditioner would do.
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    I realize this thread is old, but I just saw it and decided to chime in.
    I have had lice...twice! And I have long hair. The first time I shaved it along with my woman, who really rocked a shaved head-swoons-. The second time; I saturated my hair in olive oil and wore a shower cap for two weeks, re-oiling every two or so days and it worked great.
    Note: round two was in the winter so it was bare able, but if I had to oil my hair and put a bag on my head in the summer...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RentalMadness View Post
    So Lice on my 6yr old daughter brought me into the mix here... Does anyone have experience with natural remedies of lice?
    I did some permetherin shampoo treatment, and vinagar wash... rinse... can anyone help?

    Well back in the good old days..we would paint one black and the other ones would refuse to eat with him/her/it. Not sure how the commie libtarss are spinning i it nowadays. True blue Star Ointment. Camphophenic works pretty good too. Sure Bill Clinton knows about all this stuff. You ever thought of axing him?
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    Lots of lice (now called super lice) are beginning to become drug resistant. Our son was maybe 7 when he first got it from school. We tried OTC Nix (1% permetherin). That didn't work. We went to the doc, they gave us prescription strength (5% permetherin). That worked better, but after about a week we still noticed nits and live lice.

    At that point we just gave up and shaved his head. I suppose we could have repeated the treatment per the Dr, but at that point we've treated him like 3 times with the OTC stuff and once with the RX.

    Next time, it's either one of the newest generation treatments or we'll try at home til we get it right...or just shave it again.

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    I suppose I should count my blessings for never having had lice personally. My brother had it multiple times, as the twins in his grade just had a constant infestation going for a good chunk of the school year. Turns out they had a layer of dead skin cells like a mask that the buggers would live and breed under. Ouch. Luckily my brother always preferred his hair buzzed, so it made the fight much easier on my parents.
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    Want to know about lice? Read these articles.

    Super Lice Now in 48 States

    Being Nitpicky About Lice

    Lice Infestation: A Survival Epidemic
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    I know this is an old thread, but lice has been found several times in my daughters class room, she has long hair and has avoided getting any. I believe this is because I put tree tree oil in her shampoo and in the detangler conditioner she uses each morning. She may smell a bit odd, but at least the lice are staying away from her. I also spray her jacket, hats and other outer wear with a bit of tea tree oil mixed with witch hazel and water.
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    I use coconut oil to massage through my girlies' scalp after every shampoo, I shampoo their hair only once per month and their long hair is always styled into Russian ballerina "bowtie" bun at the back of their heads at school, they've never had lice, even after the rest of their schoolmates all got it.
    I don't have a photo of the bowtie bun but I'll try to take it today or tomorrow, great way to prevent bugs and still looks nice.
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