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Medical Preparedness Classes

This is a discussion on Medical Preparedness Classes within the First Aid and Medical Preparedness forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Originally Posted by Maine-Marine Stop the bleeding Start the breathing Protect the wound Treat for shock past these more things, the rest is taking care ...

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Thread: Medical Preparedness Classes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maine-Marine View Post
    Stop the bleeding
    Start the breathing
    Protect the wound
    Treat for shock

    past these more things, the rest is taking care of minor issues like dislocated or broken bones, stitches, and treating for bacterial or viral issues

    as mentioned by many above... lots of books to read

    any major issues that require surgery will result in bad times unless you have a doctor and supplies

    post shtf todays simply things will kill many and there will be little you can do... diabetes, heart issues, appendicitis...

    the biggest issue will be the crazies who run out of anti crazy meds - you have known them for years as normals... but give them 2 weeks on no meds.........

    (I ran a field medical unit in the National Guard, it is where I got my Army Commendation Medal from)

    you might think that the doctors run the unit, they do not... I (as a Sgt) had to pull aside a Captain and explain that when a head laceration long and shallow (blood everywhere) and a chest injury with possible heart attack (no blood) arrived at the same time he needs to treat the chest injury first.. no matter how "Sexy" getting all blood may seem

    anyway that now brings us to triage.------
    No crazy med medication is a big concern.
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    This is something I would like to learn, at least some better basics. But then I never found any first aid training worth taking in my parts. The general rule seems to let you know as little as possible. "Do nothing, if you do, it will make more bad than good". 🙄
    I have read some books on the subject, but it does not seem very good without any practical experience.
    There it is a voluntary force in my town, but they mostly help with things like relocating people in case of flooding, colecting donatives and so on.
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    There are some course out there to look at. Paramedic, Fire and rescue training, held at local Technical colleges around the country that can give you more knowledge.

    Focus on trauma care such as Airway, Bleeding, Circulation (ABC's) and the expand into follow on treatment shock, tourniquets, infection control how to make antiseptics from nuts/bark, etc. how to administer fluids intravenous (IV) or rectally. Use of sugar to augment water for iv's. Ways to splint wounds for transport. Learn types of vegitation to use to encourage diarrhetic or to treat for it based on the need.

    Learn how to temporarily close wound, via staples, stitches, super glue, to reduce exposed area to infection. Learn how to treat through hole where there is an entry and exit wound.

    Learn what you can do to reduce pain and also maintain caloric intake so taht the body can help itself recover.
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    An EMT class will generally take about 6 months depending on how it's structured. If you want a bit more than first-aid but don't have the time or desire to go to EMT look into your area's equivalent of Medical First Responder, MFR. In my area this is the level all Firefighters are required to be at though many go on to EMT or paramedic. With MFR or higher, you'll get more in depth knowledge and training on how to assess and start treatment for a wide range of medical and traumatic situations. Hands on learning is always part of the class too, or should be at least.

    The other big thing is if you don't have it yet, get a CPR certification. Many use the Red Cross but in my opinion the American Heart Association does a better job. Either one will work though. Stay current with it since the recommendations for how to perform CPR tend to change as new research tests old theories and the like. As a civilian paramedic my first assessment is the safety of a scene. If the scene's not safe I don't go in. After that I make sure I have proper PPE, gloves, mask, etc. After that I assess the patient for the ABC's. Airway, Breathing, Circulation. Lots of other great recommendations on this thread too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimcosta View Post
    Self Study.

    You might have to download a free copy of, or order, the book Where There Is Doctor. It is all you may need.

    There are free downloads galore for the above but I suggest the paper copy. $25

    See Also:
    The Survival Medicine Handbook: A Guide for When Help is Not on the Way $35

    I keep a copy of Survival Medicine Handbook in my medical pack.

    Together they will give you the confidence to act.

    Squeamish about sutures? You can buy medical staplers. $8 - $16
    This is a good Free Download.
    Survival and Austere Medicine:An Introduction - Third Edition December 2017

    The get training statements are spot on. Books are good but as my Dad used to say, "A Book, A Cook does not make."
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