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Actually, I was just kind of frustrated with the news today. I am so weary of misleading images and stories that don't tell the full story.

Today KSAT News (my local channel) posted the report on Facebook.

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Now anyone who vapes knows the story doesn't quite make sense, so I went to read the story and knew it made even less sense.

So I researched around to see what other news reports I could find.

Now their headline was still "out there" but they at least told more of the story that finally makes sense.

The guy was using a mechanical mod which definitely has more safety issues if you don't know what you're doing. I have been vaping for 6 years and won't even consider using a mechanical mod. I like that if I space out and put my batteries in backward, my mod won't even turn on. My vape shop (and every shop that I know of) teaches battery safety and makes you sign that you understand. Ya can't force people to listen though...

I think my point is that very few people actually understand anything about vaping so they automatically believe what they read when clearly the reporter didn't understand the topic they were writing about.

Yes, I called KSAT out on their misleading image and report.

I think we can say the same with just about any topic out there. Sensational titles draw people in. They read it on the internet so it must be true, ya know?

When did we stop thinking for ourselves?
KENS 5 is even worse than KSAT! They're both terrible news outlets. I watch them for the weather and traffic, not much else. I don't trust Fox anymore. Never trusted the other MSM outlets. I look around at a bunch of places, wait for stories to develop, and form my own thoughts and conclusions about a particular subject