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Can We Trust The News Media?

This is a discussion on Can We Trust The News Media? within the Featured Topics forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; You have to monitor a variety of news sourcs . With something breaking you have to wait for things to work out. Especially with short ...

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Thread: Can We Trust The News Media?

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    You have to monitor a variety of news sourcs . With something breaking you have to wait for things to work out. Especially with short film clips they do not show you what happened prior and without that context you cannot know what is realy going on.
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    I have not trusted any media outlets in a long, long, time. I wrote a local newspaper in 1982 about an anti-gun article that the paper printed. I got a snotty, dismissive reply, which was expected. You get the idea, that was a long time ago, and my opinion of them has only gotten worse.

    The media has been an enemy of the Second Amendment for as long as I can remember; which in turn means that it is inimical to my feelings on the matter. I used that as a yardstick for a long time. But, now, the media is my opponent on nearly everything, and I would be a fool to trust them.
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    My wife and i wee watching election night coverage in 2016. We were flipping channels to try and get a 'whole' picture. FOX News wouldn't call Georgia and another Southern State even though it was an hour passed the close of their polls and kept talking about how Virginia and some of the rust belt states were going to go Hillary. I flipped to FOX Business and they had the southern States Red for Trump. I kept it on FOX Business. We knew right then that the 'panel' on FOX News was lying by omission and trying to influence voters out west. I stayed up all night and smoked a good cigar and tipped some bourbon in the driveway. I cried. Both for the miracle of dodging the Bullet that is Hillary and what our country has turned in to.

    My wife and I do not trust the media. Her parents are passed. My parents are MSM tards. There's no hope for them.

    I like the feel of books, magazines, and newspaper in my hands....... haven't picked up a newspaper in 20 years. Stopped reading any weekly/monthly sports or current events media almost as long ago. I read trade magazines, subject specific publications, and paperbacks now. I read certain websites for my news intake. I listen to some talk radio, not much anymore. More and more, I am simply tuning out of their message(s).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prepared One View Post
    If you really want to know what's going on in the world and how to fix it, ask @Slippy !
    That's not really a hard excursion. Slippy is usually the guy who broke the stuff in the first place.

    Sure, I like him, I just always hide the good china...
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    News has always been slanted by the ideas of the writer, editor, etc. It has been the case since the dawn of news publication and free press. It has been used to push agendas and points of views meant to persuade others.

    An tenant I have always lived by... Believe nothing you hear or read, and half of what you see.

    Today however there are a multitude of media outlets that have shared interest....and they use the combined voice to push a narrative that gets undue consideration based on majority of publication agreeing. WHen in reality they are simply parroting the same information and not doing independent analysis and journalism.

    WHat do we do about it? Start revoking Press passes/privileges when it is determined that a majority of the story or stories are determined to be baseless or without supporting evidence. The Press has extra constitutional protection, make them prove worthy of maintaining those protections or they become simple opinion outlets without no right to additional access beyond what we as citizens have.
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    No. They are coming to kill us all. Lock and load.

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    The great thing these days is that there are so many sources available on the internet.

    Although most of them are biased.

    But by reading some many stream media, some alternative media, digging into things and doing research the truth eventually percolates through.

    At least that's what I hope.

    But yes, brand loyalty - especially when it comes to sources of "truth" and even more so for sources of "correct opinion" - is for suckers.

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    NO! Heck I don't even trust The Weather Channel!

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    [/nope !!!u]

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    I don't really watch the news anymore, it's mostly just a bunch of fiction loosely based on facts. If it's something big I will do my own research and try and sift thru all the BS, sound bites and unfactual crap.

    It drives me nuts, I can drive by 11 emergency vehicles that have 1/2 the street shut down at noon, then watch the evening news and see nothing about it, but a bicyclist tangles with a car and it's the main story followed by a new dog park opening.
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