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What Are Your Plans For 2019?

This is a discussion on What Are Your Plans For 2019? within the Featured Topics forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Originally Posted by Elvis Do less buying and do more actual using my preps to make things like cheese, preserved meat, vinegar, a better garden. ...

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Thread: What Are Your Plans For 2019?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elvis View Post
    Do less buying and do more actual using my preps to make things like cheese, preserved meat, vinegar, a better garden.

    As I've said before here a person needs to actually practice and learn new skills by doing. Reading in a book is fine but there's always something you need or can get better at but unless you actually do these things you'll never know until it's too late because the internet and stores will be down.
    your plan is very good, that is very true, not all things will come out right at first try. Cheese making has a learning curve, and with time you can learn how to make it more to your family liking. Same goes for the garden, each place has it owns particularities in soil and climate/ sun hours, it takes some planting seasons to learn what grows better where and to improve soil.

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    Gathering more prep materials and learning more skills that I need. I want to learn more about how to craft makeshift shelters and how to forage for food better. I'm also going to get married in the fall after I move to my new city.
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    Spend less, prep more and keep living.
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    I am going to retire. And we are looking at property in the Teton area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AquaHull View Post
    work out
    I used to date a Filipino, and if she's speaking in her native tongue she is not saying "work harder."

    She is saying "work out at home."

    What did you do to her?
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    I'm retired and age and health issues are catching up to me fast. For next year, my plans are to stop any additional puchases (yah, right)
    and stay where I am on prepping. I figure in 2-3 years, It won't matter to me any more. I plan to continue to teach ham radio classes.
    I am surprised that more prepper don't get their license. Too many seem to think have a $30 Baofeng is all the need. I'am working on
    updating my Power Point presentations to cover, nuclear disasters, EMP, and Geomagnetic storm. I really ned to get off my butt and
    increase my walking before I can't walk.
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    In all seriousness, I am going to streamline and consolidate. Over 30 years of marriage we have to much useless crap. It's got to go. I have an eye on retirement if the world don't go to hell before then, so I want less clutter in my life. Going to start looking more in depth at moving to the country, location, acreage, price, needs, etc. I am going to do more reading, ( I already read quite a bit ) mostly history and autobiographical. Continue my storage but still work on self sustaining at least as well as I can here in the metropolis. I am no longer in a position of having to play catch up so I can afford to pick and choose my path with some consideration. I'll keep my eyes on the horizon and continue to try and put my wife and I in the best position possible to meet the coming storm. All this and have a hell of a good time doing it.
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    lose some fat, get a rifle and pistol, get some EMS training, put back a years worth of food. On top of school and work, I have a full schedule.
    I have lots of backpacks, but only one back. Better grow more backs then...
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    Anyone take any steps towards their 2019 goals yet?
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    One goal will be to turn over more to the next generation. It will be them that carry the flag and roles will flip. And yes steps are being taken and will continue .
    In retirement our second most valuable past time riding has suffered a bit as we adjust. That will be corrected and the first step was taken Jan 1.

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    New life as a house husband, major shift in duties.

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