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Surviving An Economic Collapse

This is a discussion on Surviving An Economic Collapse within the Economic, Precious Metals, Investing, Finance forums, part of the General Discussion category; That is why I looked for pasture land in an area with good growing season that gets plenty of rain. Look for an area with ...

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Thread: Surviving An Economic Collapse

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    That is why I looked for pasture land in an area with good growing season that gets plenty of rain. Look for an area with small farms mix of livestock and crops - pretty hard to find now days. I would never live were I could not have my cattle and livestock , garden and an Orchard. We raise and grow are own .

    If I never had anther penny come in we can eat. We got heat, screens and wind in summer. Sleeping porches are a good thing. We would get rid of internet , TV, cell phones . Got worse I would cut off electric .

    I hope we never have a great depression like my mother, aunts and uncles lived thru. They talked about having no money but they could trade and had plenty to eat as they lived on farms with hogs, cattle, horses - for pulling wagons and such. Orchards and gardens as well as field crops.

    You got to get your self, before any troubles with economy start, on the land and in a community that will work together to get everyone through tough times. Have at least a small garden now as a hobby - expand a you have time /need.

    Starving in a city is not my idea of fun.
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    [1]Survival: Actions I need to do NOW to live another 5 minutes to 3 days.[2] Prepping: What I do to insure my family makes it thru an adverse event lasting 3 days to 3 months [3] Seeds and livestock: What you need for long term subsistence.

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    they still can trade and import things. Once the US falls, the rest of the world will fall with it. So it will be FAR worse than Venezuela's situation. It will be cannibal time, no kidding, within a few months. Venezuela still has some non hybrid seeds, horses, people who know how to do subsistence farming and not even 1% as many guns as the US. Here, it will be looting and slaughter beyond imagination, disease, dog packs, bugs, rats, beyond belief.

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    As a prepper you should be fine in the event of an economic collapse. Be sure to stock up on items you could use to barter with i.e. cigarettes, lighters, salt, pepper, canned food, etc

    More importantly, it would be wise to diversify your assets into alternative assets like precious metals, cryptocurrencies, titles and deeds, oil, land and other types of assets.

    Btw, a ton of farmers in Venezuela were able to profit from the economic collapse by holding Bitcoin. Personally, I own quite a bit of Bitcoin as it by definition a global form of money and someone in the Caribbeans would be able to do business with me regarding of whats going on with the government backed dollar.


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