Some members of may work for, or own a company that sells tools, equipment, supplies, or other prepping for survivalists related products and services. It is natural to want to advertise your product and/or services on this site. However, in order to create a community that is not continuously filtering through unwanted solicitations, the administrators will enforce firm rules in regards to advertising.

What advertising is allowed?

We allow senior members (minimum 100 posts) to create a signature file which can be up to four lines long and contain a link to their company, phone number, and and name. Text in the signature must be standard font size (2) and must not contain any questionable content or sales pitches.

Any signature file that is longer than four lines or contains large fonts will be deleted.

Once you create a signature file you are free to participate in meaningful conversation on the board.

As you gain a reputation on the board you will also be advertising your company via your signature.

What type of advertising is NOT allowed?

Advertising for ANY business or product in usernames or avatars is not allowed, UNLESS you are a site sponsor

Users who post messages that promote any products or services that they sell or provide will be deleted. Anyone who posts ads or meaningless content just to get their signature out there will have their posts deleted as well.

Users who violate these rules will also have their account disabled.

Last, if you have a product or service that you really want to reach the board with then you can buy a banner ad from us. Contact us if you would like to receive information on advertising.