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Software Defined Radio

This is a discussion on Software Defined Radio within the Communications forums, part of the Urban and Rural Survival category; Originally Posted by SOCOM42 James, your laptop has a local oscillator (clock) to make it operate, that is what is locking up the scanner, plus ...

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Thread: Software Defined Radio

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    Quote Originally Posted by SOCOM42 View Post
    James, your laptop has a local oscillator (clock) to make it operate, that is what is locking up the scanner, plus some scanners lock up on their own generator also.

    Just lock them out of the scan when it happens.
    Thank you. Some of the interference got so annoying i just stopped using it in my truck. To add insult to injury i was pressing the lockout button once, pressing it once was temporary lockout. To permanently loxk it out i had to press it twice. Its hopefully programmed with proper channels now plus close frequency interception. I will put it back in my jeep in a few.

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    why not just use a cell phone?
    just wondering is all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James m View Post
    But Will i get strange interfereint all of the time. It could just be that, interfereinterference. For example i am here next to my scanner and it is picking up haptic feedback from my tablet on a police or fire frequency. Every time i click a button it goes on the scanner at 150 something mhz.

    Part 15 of the fcc rules at its finest.
    I shouldn't even reply to you because you arn't taking my comments seriously, al beit they are, and unless you have information indicating 1. the RCMP do not utilize any WIFI systems in their police monitoring vans ever. Someone else could have done it as a spoof. The fact these were WIFI hotspots being broadcast likely from two vans parked infront of a mcdonlads is something that is absolute. Who was broadcasting is not known.

    2. While yes indeed the signal may have just coincidentally been at that frequency which was an assigned OPP signal, it was way too strong and localized, i.e. it was in a physical location in the structure not everywhere. it was on that specific police frequnecy. Unless you can inform me what frequnecies the OPP use for their listening devices or other remote monitoring devices, I would not consider what occured in both these situations to be plausible.

    It seems less likely someone would broadcast constantly on a police frequency, and use that frequency to plant a monitoring device in the structure, although possible.
    The RCMP monitoring vans may not have been out for me actually as I was meeting to teach English to I think it was an Arab immigrant whose wife was studying physics as an exchange student, can't remember exactly where he was from. Not aware of the RCMP sending multiple vehicles to track suspects they are monitoring. no idea on either but it seems most leading in both these cases it was just silly stupid covert monitoring methods. none the less the vans were here, no idea if it was assoicated to us or just coincidence!8i6656!8i6656

    Why don't you stop questioning peoples sanity and credibility and look objectively at the plausibility of both these situations and find and present facts why they arn't plausible. Otherwise stfu. You are just trolling honest statements.

    your crazy talk is nonsense, use of info like this would seem to disprove the RCMP link and show it to be a spoof.

    questioning the actual occurences did occur what they were is not known.

    what we know in the RCMP one is that people spoof them

    the OPP bug thing is not as easily explainable. it would be most likely if an unpowered wire just happened to be radiating at the same frequnecy as used by the opp at a very high db.
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    I am going to comment on this because I stayed at a holiday Inn, `I dont Know
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    Quote Originally Posted by Medic33 View Post
    why not just use a cell phone?
    just wondering is all.
    the receiver is only for listening to signals not sending them.

    the reason radios are used rather than just cells is becuase cells require cell towers, towers can be knocked down, and could be. during a major crisis, they will likely be knocked down due to heavy traffic or being dedicated to sending emergency messenging signals

    it will be more difficult to get a signal after certain disasters. in some disaster scenarios there will be no access to cell towers. and only those with mesh networking on their phones will be able to communicate. this type of scenario is diffcult to imagine due to the number of alternate systems but all it takes is a couple points of failure for loss of communications.

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    2-Meter is pretty "repeater heavy" or saturated with repeaters. So much so that you can't hardly drag up a conversation on 146.5200 (The 2m simplex calling frequency). If you have a list of repeaters and frequencies like on, then no sweat. You can find someone to chat at.

    But if you are talking post SHTF or another frequency like 6-Meter where there are no repeaters, then it might come in handy to scan transmissions and tune in on them to listen. Then if you want to answer back, you can do it on the real radio. My main drive is to get some experience with the "waterfall" visual layout.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SGT E View Post
    I've messed around with those for a while and all I can say is don't expect much for the money...I've owned 4. A few weeks ago I bought an SDRPLAY system for 149$ and it bowls the rest over...Even my Perseus that cost me over 800$ new is only equal to it.


    Covers 100hz to 2 Ghz .

    HRO is the US Distributor

    SDRplay SDRplay RSP | RSP - Radio Spectrum Processor SDR Receiver

    It's not much bigger than a pack of smokes and can be velcroed to a laptop case.....runs by USB hookup on the computer and if you can solar charge your laptop you'd have a great SHTF reciever! I know it's not exactly cheap but it does what the almost 1k SDR's do for a tenth of the price. The cool thing about it is you can monitor any 8 MHZ slice of spectrum you choose...For example the entire 2 meter band at once....You just click on a signal and it tunes going up and down on VFO buttons for hours looking for a signal....Same for all other ham bands and most government and bizz bands as well!
    Hi - I'm Jon from SDRplay and here's a video posted by someone taking the SDRplay RSP on his holidays - Contact me if you have specific questions, but we've designed it for ruggedness, portability and low power (powers from the Tablet or notebook USB) - note it is purely a receiver but together with HDSDR or SDR Console software you can carry huge numbers of useful frequency tables for every eventuality (Long waves to microwaves, analog, digital, TV, satellite, aircraft, HF-fax, numerous text and data formats etc etc). Voice of America are doing cool new short wave data and picture bulletins - see
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will2 View Post
    I shouldn't even reply to you because you arn't taking my comments seriously,



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