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This is a discussion on Gmrs within the Communications forums, part of the Urban and Rural Survival category; Is there anyone using GMRS as there backup communications solution?...

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Thread: Gmrs

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    Is there anyone using GMRS as there backup communications solution?

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    Sure. I have a GMRS license. I'm also a General class Ham operator and involved with AmRRON. If you'd like a really good set of Radio operator's instructions,go check them out. It's a great source of Info and you can download the newest S.O.I. (Signal Operators Instructions) from their website.
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    I am a member of a completed 50 adult survival group. I am also a HAM operator.

    We hang our hats mostly on the Baofeng- UV5R HAM radios, at about $25 each.
    We also have a lot of GMRS radios (non-HAM).

    The Baofeng UV5R has a quirk in them in that they are the only HAM radio that will also communicate with the GMRS (much cheaper) radios.

    Now here is what you need to know about the GMRS radios. If we assume you keep one alert guard in the house and one or two guards outside, you have a problem with the GMRS radios. There are times that they cannot pierce the walls of the house. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't. You are betting your family's life on that "Sometime".

    To prevent this problem, purchase at lease one Baofeng UV5R and put it inside the home.
    Then purchase an automobile antenna for the Baofeng with a long cable on it. Place the antenna on the roof, this way you will always be in contact with the GMRS radios.

    Icening on the cake? Purchase a 12VDC Baofeng battery adopter and an automobile cigarette lighter socket to power the Baofeng with a car battery long term.

    I hope this helps you.
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