First of all welcome and I hope you decide to stick around if you want to contribute, but here's the deal.....

I have no interest in your gadget. It is heavy, has multiple parts to store, and not practical for me. I have the real tools at my house and will not need to be lugging your tool around. I have more important survival gear that need to occupy my limited storage/carry methodologies.

There is not a lot of commerce that takes place here. We all have our preferred places we shop at and simply pass along great deal info.
Most of us (regular posters) already are well past basics.
We are suspicious by nature, wary of our surroundings and who is amongst us.... not to mention why?
Without an Intro that tells us why you are here, you leave yourself open to suspicion and the not so complimentary interrogatory ritual of "why are you here".

Hope you want to learn more or better yet share here and stick around. Knowledge and allegiance takes time here, just like at your work place, your neighborhood, your church, your in-laws world ...... See, we are no different than elsewhere........