Muzzleloader Scopes

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Muzzleloader Scopes

This is a discussion on Muzzleloader Scopes within the Black Powder and Muzzleloaders forums, part of the HandGuns, Pistols and Revolvers, Long Rifles, Shotguns, SKS, AK, AR category; I've never added a scope to a muzzleloader yet. I have an extra Bushnell 4x rimfire scope that I was thinking about mounting on my ...

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    Muzzleloader Scopes

    I've never added a scope to a muzzleloader yet. I have an extra Bushnell 4x rimfire scope that I was thinking about mounting on my Traditions Timber Ridge ML but I don't know if the optics will stand up to the 100g of Pyrodex I put through the rifle. Any thoughts on whether this is just like throwing away my scope? Any other scopes that anyone would suggest?

    Here's the rifle:
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    It's a 50. caliber. right? If you're worried about the scope not being able to withstand the shock of the recoil then why dont you just gett a scope that has been used on for example a barret 50. cal? They have been tested on guns with massive recoil before, and even tho they might be expensive ive heard that they usualy last a looong time!

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    Unless you got a pretty well built scope I dont think it will likely hold up to the recoil on a muzzle loader. I would look more specifically at scopes intended for this purpose or at least a scope designed for shotguns. I surmise any scope designed for the 22 rim fire is likely to be trashed on the first shot if not shortly afterwards. I dont think you need to resort to anything in the class of scopes that can be mounted on a 50 Cal BMG. While the recoil on a muzzle loader can be substanial, its no where near as rude as the sharp snap in recoil that one often sees with some of the stouter smokeless powder chamberings commonly used.

    Not to be critical as I am by no means a traditionalist since I own a Traditions Lightening in line set up to use 209 primers but are you really shooting that far that you need a scope with a Black Powder gun? I mean I know guys who take shots approaching 200 yards and a scope would defintiely be an asset at those distances for sure. And I will grant you there is a huge difference if your hunting corn fields vs deep woods but even here in Texas I have always found getting close enough to use a good set of fiber optic rifles sights plenty of a threat to the local Deer/Hog population. Are you just target shooting as opposed to hunting? If your hunting are you hunting during regular rifle season where the game animals have been shot at a bit and are now a bit skitish later in the season than they were for the primitive and Bow seasons? I could see where that would result in longer shots needing to be taken. Just asking?
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