Harbor Freight Solar

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Harbor Freight Solar

This is a discussion on Harbor Freight Solar within the Alternative Energy (Wind, Solar, Hydro etc) forums, part of the Off-Grid Lifestyle category; I'm toying with the idea of the Harbor Freight 4 panel solar kit. They run ~$150.00 on sale frequently. This would be just to get ...

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Thread: Harbor Freight Solar

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    Harbor Freight Solar

    I'm toying with the idea of the Harbor Freight 4 panel solar kit. They run ~$150.00 on sale frequently.
    This would be just to get my feet wet.
    It would probably spend most of the time hooked up to the RV to keep the battery up while parked at home.
    Anyone tried this one? It's been available for a little while now so if anyone has tried it, chime in.

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    I'm interested in this as well so I'll be seeing if anyone has any ifo in this thread.
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    Long term the PVC or plastic frame of the harbor Freight panels do not hold up. Mine is a 3 panel one . Easy enough to replace .
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    Please do not rely on Harbor Freight's exagerated claims for their system. One days sun on a 100 watt panel will NOT charge a 35 Ah battery enough to run a refrigerator for 34 hours.

    Harbor Freight Solar-63585_zzz_alt4.jpg
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    I have read a lot of information online about these systems and have been very curious as well. One thing I have noticed is the new systems are generally regarded as better than the previous generation. This is one of those things on my list if I ever get the money.
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    I think a lot of people buy a Harbor Freight kit because they are a little apprehensive about putting together a solar kit.
    I mean it's a little scary to put even a small kit up if you have no experience with solar. But keep in mind the price of a
    good quality panel has came way down.

    The Harbor Freight panels really do not have much quality at all. I have heard that they will let water in then freeze and bust.
    For $150 you can put together a nice 100- - 200 watt set up.

    If you could see a basic setup you would say "That's it?"
    the solar panel output leads (two wires) run to a control box. The battery has two wires that also run to the control bo.
    That's all you need. For your 12 volt needs your better off to get your power straight off the batteries.
    You can pick up a controller for about $20 or less that will do the job.

    But if you would rather use a Harbor Freight kit to see what it's about check out craigs list
    I see those kits for 75 to 100 unopened.
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    I think everyone knows Harbor Freight is not the top end of any product, but that said, I have things I bought there that have help up well for over 15 years now. I assume a lot of it has to do with maintenance. Kind of like when I bought my Heritage Arms .22, everyone says they are garbage, buy a Ruger, they're inaccurate, you won't be happy, etc. That has been a great little gun. Plenty accurate for my needs, never failed to fire yet, just keep it clean and oiled. Not to say anyone posting here is wrong, I doubt anyone here has a reason to mislead the rest of us, I am just saying it might be a good idea for everyone to take a look at one of those kits in person and make their own judgement. I hope I have the opportunity to do just that.

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    You might be better off building your own kit. Tons of online solar calculators available. There are great affordable 300W polycrystalline panels that you just need to couple with a charge controller and batteries (the "best" affordable solution is sealed glass matt lead cells). Plus, Harbor Freight is not really know for quality.

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    nooo way - no how would I rely on Harbor Freight for something like solar panels - there's no back up guarantee there what-so-ever ...

    most of the big box home improvement chains offer the Grape Solar product line >>>> Home - cost competitive to get started - drop ship to your home or the local store - 100w basic set up is $100 ...

    get your feet wet and move up from there ....
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    Remember we buy Harbor Freight tools to get that one tool we need right now, and probably will only use once.

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