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Truck Talk

This is a discussion on Truck Talk within the Personal Protection, Gear, Mods, Accessories forums, part of the Weapons, Protection, Self Defense, Hand to Hand Combat category; Hey everyone, recently I was able to upgrade my clunker to a 2014 GMC 3500HD regular cab, it's a work truck it does not have ...

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Thread: Truck Talk

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    Truck Talk

    Hey everyone, recently I was able to upgrade my clunker to a 2014 GMC 3500HD regular cab, it's a work truck it does not have automatic windows nor locks it's a nice truck. Anyways I got to thinking since my 01 extended cab had more room for gear, what I would ditch and what I would keep.

    Standard issue for the passenger floor for me is my lunch pale, get home pack and my Stevens 320 with a 50 cal ammo can full of ammo for it. And of course about 3 sleeves of Copenhagen

    Under the passenger seat I keep my breaker bar, a jack, few extra lug nuts and some sockets.

    Behind the seats I keep my Stanley Fu-Bar a long with a hammer, plus a pair of rubber boots, either my Chippewas or Redwings since I alternate them and a few sweatshirts, pants, shirts even a blanket.

    In the back I always keep a six pack of bottled water, a chain to either get pulled out or pull people out, a 20lb sledge, an ax, a few shovels, some bigger wrecking bars, a tool box with various things in it and I do keep my spare tire in the bed.

    But then I realized I got a compartment in my center console, so now I keep my one Mora, my one Hultafor, some Copenhagen, matches and some spare change in there. Plus I do tend to put my good ax my Fiskar in behind the seats.

    Does anyone else like to keep a good stock of stuff in their vehicles ? Usually this time of year I do keep a deer rifle and a chainsaw in the back of mine. What do you like to keep in your vehicles ?
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    A very complete 3 day GHB, change of clothes, hiking boots, complete tool box, jumper cables, a couple of flashlights, a couple of tarps, ropes and chain, a blanket, my personal carry weapon and two spar mags, a PLR 16 and spar magazine ( I am reconsidering this), spare combat knife, solar charger/battery for phones etc. spare water. I pretty much have all 3 of my trucks set up for 3 to5 days survival either staying with the vehicle or hoofing it home.
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    I got a 2010 F250 Super Duty crew cab with the 6 3/4 bed without a toolbox

    In my center console which is also a seat I keep a pistol with 2 spare mags, flashlight, multitool, extra socks, extra fleece cap, envelope of emergency cash and a compass, map of my area, small sewing kit

    In the glove compartment I have a small IFAK with stuff to controll bleeding and some cough drops, advil, eye drops, nasal spray as well as a small socket set with smaller sockets, some screw drivers, small knives, lockpick kit and sometimes anther pistol

    In the glasses compartment I have a multitool, small flashlight and lip balm

    Behind my seats I keep water bottles, baby food (for my kid or myself if worse comes to worse), maps, a small tarp, solar blanket and random things to stuff.

    Behind the rear seats is a jack, chock block, tire iron, breaker bar, spare lugs, small tool kit with a 1/2 socket and sockets, more screwdrivers, small axe, another IFAK and some old ratty sweatshirts and sweat pants.

    I usuallt also have my go bag, and probably another gun or AK pistol with me

    In the bed I throw chains, sledges, a mattock, shovels and some other crap if i might go off road that people wouldnt steal out my bed and I have two CGU1B 5K lb ratchet straps on my front bumper hooks looped around.

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    I like to keep some gear in my truck too. I keep $10- $20 in change, Bic lighter, combat pen, Mag 3 D cell LED, baby wipes, small tool box, Gerber E-tool, K-Bar Tanto knife, 550 cord, chem lights, rags, Kobalt electric air compressor, lock and 5 ft of chain, work gloves, jumper cables, hat and in the winter I add a small sleeping bag, beanie, and hoodie sweater. The toolbox in the bed has a prybar, shackle and hook for the receiver hitch, tow straps, rope, ratchet straps and 3 foot long 6x10 boards to help get me unstuck.

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    Excellent thread Grinch2.

    Utilize the space that you have available. I've always had a toolbox in the back of my truck. You can fit a lot of things in a pickup truck toolbox.
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    Tools for basic repairs or tire swap, 3 day emergency kit, a sharp stick in 357 or better and an extra case of bottled water.

    Always have my edc with spare gloves back up battery small radio phone and various other implements of necessity.

    To look in the window it would look empty (i take my edc with me) so its usually not a tasty looking target for the smash n grab types.

    I get it all locked in the bed or cable locked under the back seat (full crew cab with full bench seat)
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    When I had my Jeep . I had in it , set of tools , high lift jack , two tow straps , two 2"x10"x 12" board for jack , flash light ,medical kit , 12 volt air compressor , leather gloves , sweet pants & sweet shirt , blanket , BOB , winch on the front , Army fold up shovel , CB radio , a small cooler , power converter , Yes you can get everything here on , in a Jeep .
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    We have all the rigs stocked up. Guns, tools, extra clothes and dried food. But I found a 4x4 van that will haul everything including my bed. Project in the works. Just got the front end straightened out, ball joints, tie rod ends and springs etc. So now I can turn to the interior conversion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chipper View Post
    We have all the rigs stocked up. Guns, tools, extra clothes and dried food. But I found a 4x4 van that will haul everything including my bed. Project in the works. Just got the front end straightened out, ball joints, tie rod ends and springs etc. So now I can turn to the interior conversion.
    That's sweet. Exactly what I've been looking to get. Hopefully as cheap as possible for camping rig. Interior and amenities could be all gone, just want function. But even old models are still holding value to sellers.

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    Put a camper shell on it and build it out to hold your gear.

    Truck Talk-9067332243xlo9m.jpg

    "Hoped that worked"....But this is kinda what I did. I built it in 4 pieces that can be unbolted with a cordless drill in less than a minute and pulled out allowing the top to be removed and then I can haul what ever I need to haul then put it all back together again. I got 3 x 20 watt solar panels on the top of it, rack on top for my kayak. I can store stuff in the side compartments along the bed wall. Doesnt hold much but I got a good bit stashed in there. It also makes for some good inuslation to keep the interior warmer in the winter when out camping. The middle section is open enough to allow for plastic totes with more gear that can quickly be removed and stashed under the truck when stopped allowing for my bed roll to fit down the middle. A small little buddy electric heater can run off the spare battery as it only draws 200 watts and keeps the interior pretty warm even at 20 degrees. This set up is installed on my 1989 extended cab 1/2 ton short bed and its what I use for recreation and bugging out should I need too. It only took a couple of week ends to complete once I had everything planned out.

    This is just what I have done...and I have a extended cab!
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