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This is a discussion on Prepper Books within the The Library forums, part of the General Discussion category; Fiction or non-fiction what are your favorites? A couple of mine to start out. "Hatchet" by Gary Paulson. Not exactly a prepper book per say, ...

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Thread: Prepper Books

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    Prepper Books

    Fiction or non-fiction what are your favorites?

    A couple of mine to start out.

    "Hatchet" by Gary Paulson. Not exactly a prepper book per say, but it's a good fiction story that can generate some good ideas for survival/minimalist living.

    "The Preppers Pocket Guide." Lots of ideas for how to prep and store for a variety of scenarios.
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    "Vandenberg", a novel by Oliver Lange. It takes place in the 70's but it is still relevant today. One of the first survival books I ever read, and I'm not exaggerating when I say it changed my life.

    Just one movie, okay? "Panic in Year Zero", a 1960's film about post nuclear war survival. A run for the hills type of movie, it's dated, but still very watchable. No zombies, but it's a crazy kick, Dad-i-o.

    "In the Gravest Extreme", fact, written by Massad Ayoob, a highly credentialed police officer and trainer. 'The' primer on self defense and personal security. Every person who owns a firearm should read this.

    P.S. One more. "To Build a Fire", the classic 1902 short story by Jack London. Winter will never be the same for you.
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    I just finished "Survivors" by James Wesley Rawles. Pretty good read and is part of a series. Post-economic collapse fiction.

    More on the side of wilderness survival was "Wilderness Exodus" by Reach Savage. Fun read.
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    I have to second the nomination of "In the Gravest Extreme".

    If you own a firearm you MUST read this book! It is a small tome which is easily finished in a single day.
    Still, the information it contains is EXTRAORDINARILY valuable!

    I have taken in-person instruction from Mas (Masaad Ayoob) via his LFI courses, Parts 1 & 2. He's a very
    interesting fellow, who is also quite a good journalist as well as a crack shot! The bulk of the book is
    devoted to informing the reader of the LEGALITY of when & especially when NOT to shoot!

    If you are involved in an incident involving yourself shooting someone, there are a number of ways
    you can land yourself in the "Hoosegow" (I love that word!) even if the shooting seemed justified at
    the time! You can make simple mistakes that can put you into prison for YEARS! We have a well-
    established "Law Enforcement" system but we are still working on our "Justice System"!

    If you awaken in the middle of the night and find a stranger inside your home are you inclined to
    shoot first and ask questions later? BANG! BANG! You could be on your way to jail if it were to
    turn out that your intruder was a friend of you teenaged son who came home late with a buddy
    who wasn't able to make it to his home and therefore elected to get some rest on your couch!

    Or maybe the drunk neighbor who is so impaired that he's beating down YOUR door thinking
    that he's at his own home! Drunks do stuff like that! Shoot him and your spending a long time
    away from your family!

    I think those examples are warning enough. READ THIS BOOK!

    When friends of mine purchase their first gun I have many times given them a copy of it free.
    It's that good!


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    For those who are on twitter, there is prepper writer's community at #preppertalk and #preppers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Roper View Post
    For those who are on twitter, there is prepper writer's community at #preppertalk and #preppers.
    No offense meant at all Billy... just a personal worldview of mine. However, please not that any and all forum members here are instructed to place my head on an Official Slippy Pike if I am ever caught on Twitter.
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    The going home series by A. American

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    No one seems to have mentioned a couple of classics from bygone years...

    "Lucifer's Hammer" by Niven & Pournelle
    "Farnhams's Freehold" by Robert Heinlein

    Both are good reads.


    also: "Earth Abides" by George Stewart (a REAL classic)

    I have a library of almost 2,200 books perhaps 1/5th of which are about survival!
    Buying more all the time...maybe 5-6 each week. 95% of them hardbacks. It's
    unusual for me to by a paperback unless that's the only format there is.
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