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A question of ethics

This is a discussion on A question of ethics within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; These are some tough scenarios (from an ethics standpoint) but when it comes to survival and preparation, I don't think making yourself the priority is ...

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Thread: A question of ethics

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    These are some tough scenarios (from an ethics standpoint) but when it comes to survival and preparation, I don't think making yourself the priority is necessarily a selfish thing so in this instance ethics will probably be a secondary, if not tertiary, factor.

    For the answers to some of the scenarios see below:

    1. In the first scenario I would most likely not take his supplies unless I need it to replenish mine. If there is no reason to take them and they will merely slow me down then I will leave them behind. If they serve the purpose of replenishing my stock or that of someone who is with me then I will take whatever I can.

    2. The answer for this is the same as my first one.

    3. I will leave him behind, unfortunately. This is regardless of the reason for the altercation because at that point my safety (and that of whoever might be with me) is the priority.


    4. The answer to this is dependent on the supplies that I have in store. If by some stroke of luck I have an abundant amount, then I take her and the child in and help them in whatever way I can. If I only have a little extra to spare/sacrifice, then I help her out that one time and send her on her way. If I do not have sufficient supplies and every last morsel counts then I do not answer the door, hopefully she and the child will help elsewhere.

    6. The act of taking her in means that subconsciously I trust her in some way or form, and If i don't then I will probably not let her in, in the first place. It is hard to answer this question because there are a lot of variables that will come into play on that day to determine my course of action.

    9. I would ideally try to remain invisible in order to prevent this, but if someone is still able to make their way up to my BOL then I will respond accordingly depending on the situation.

    10. If an armed man came up to my door to barter for supplies I would hear him out to see if he has anything that will be of benefit to me. Unfortunately for him, being armed will not necessarily be to his advantage, because I will also be armed (ideally).

    11. I would accept the two-way radio

    14. I would only accept materials and items that I need or would be able to barter in return.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coastie dad View Post
    I am glad there are good people, no matter the religious affiliation. But this reminds me of a man I knew who was a chaplain in Korea during that little field exercise.
    His moral code was this: I was a conscientious objector and refused to carry a weapon, but I made damned sure my driver wasn't!

    While there is a place for ethics and morals, those same ethics sometimes need a safeguard.
    Agreed. One can be helpful but one also needs to be prudent about it. When it turns into WROL, all norms are gone. I will help but I'll do my best not to become a target.
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    While there are many factors that could occur to modify preconceived courses of action, I say kill the bastard that attacks me during SHTF bug out and I do take anything I think I could use without lingering. I do not want to have to deal with the dirt bag later and I am telling anyone around me screwing with me is going to cost you.
    Next for bugging in, I want to lay low and look rundown. Feint epidemic to anyone not directly connected to me. Deep into SHTF I am not trusting anyone I do not know. Lots of homes to pass. Efore getting to me so I am very suspicious of anyone I do not know whom just shows up. A neighbor to form an alliance with or to barter with may be worthwhile. Also to form a common defense could be a big plus if they are reliable.
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    The only time I would engage a person is if they initiated it, if so one of us dies, no other end result is feasible.

    He would be stripped of anything useful especially firearm related, not leaving it for someone else to use on me.

    Body would be dropped into the swamp at the far end of the property,

    if warm weather, it would be stripped to bone in less than a week.

    Once buttoned up here, no entry here unless they are known and expected.

    I don't care if it is a woman with five kids, no entry, no food, nothing.

    I am not the local food wagon, someone else can feed them.

    The decision is very much like sending out a rece patrol, some may not come back, it is a decision you have to make.

    Individual incidents have to be ignored for the good of you and yours.

    The scenario always devolves to the poor women or children to play on your humanity values.

    My neighbor friend survived WW2 in germany,

    out in the country where she and her grandmother were sent to avoid the Berlin bombing,

    The farmers who had food would not share, she was five years old. they were allowed to scavenge for rejected corn,

    potatoes and turnips unpulled from the ground, and slept in the barn with hay for bedding and blanket.

    Everybody has the chance to build up supplies, most look at us with contempt and scorn, so I don't care, they can die.

    Yes that neighbor of mine stores what food she can, has a coleman stove and fuel to cook with and a couple kero RR lanterns.
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    Trust is earned not given. Until then, anyone else is a potential threat to me and mine. No exceptions, no pretenses.
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    There is really no wrong answer here , only because every event will not be the same . You have to decide what's best to do at that time .
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    Quote Originally Posted by paraquack View Post
    Hypothetical situation. The SHTF event has happened. You're forced to bug out on foot.
    While out there, you are assaulted by an armed man but you are able to defeat him
    without killing him.
    1) Do you take whatever he has for supplies, firearm, knife, water, etc.?
    2) What about taking his supplies if you are forced to kill him?
    3) Do you leave him be and immediately leave the area as fast as possible to avoid being
    confronted by others like him?

    New Hypothetical situation. You are bugged in or you are at your BOL. A young woman
    comes to the door with a small child and begs for food and water, shelter or other help.
    4) Do you help her and send her on her way?
    5) Do you take her in?
    6) Do you drive her off your property?
    If you take her in, do you trust her? She could be a spy for a group of bad guys.
    7) If you share food and water, are you prepared for her to return when she get hungry again?
    8) Are you prepared for her to return with others needing food and water?
    9) Do you try to remain invisible to prevent strangers from coming to your door?
    10) How would you react to an armed man (but not acting aggressive) coming to your door
    to try and barter for supplies?
    11) How do you react if he is a neighbor up the road who wants to give you a 2-way radio so you
    can help protect each other?
    12) Or maybe start a mutual assistance group?

    If you are prepared to barter with someone.
    13) When and for how long would you accept a precious metal?
    14) Would you only accept materials you need or you could barter in return?
    During SHTF, I don't expect anyone to launch an assault without killing me. Therefore, people who takes part in the assault should never expect that they will be spared or left alive. I will give no quarter. For women with kids approaching my AO for help or handouts, that will be dealt in a case to case basis.

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    First off, I would take his stuff and use this for the second situation. Now I would not let her in the house, and explain to her where I got the stuff minus any weapons that she is eating, using or whatever. I would also explain to her not to ever return or the next time I would not be so nice. Do very little talking other than what I have to say. Then walk her to the edge of the road or property. As far as the neighbor, it would just depneds on if I know him well enough that he has some of his own supplies and that he is a trustworthy person. Bartering is something that will have to happen to get things that you might run out of or need. Personally I would only accept precious metals for about a few months or so after the start of the SHTF senrio. After that I would take only take items that I could use or barter.
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    Wanna know the best way to get rid of unwanted strangers trying to get handouts... When they show up at your door... Rob them. I know they have nothing, but Rob them anyway, this way they will think you are a bad guy and you have nothing just like them. They will go away and never return...
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    To the victor go the spoils. I do not know how to "shoot to wound," and any knife slash I make is destined to bleed out the attacker. Now, I have recently read where "you kill the kindest way you can." I agree, the rest is just revenge.

    Two, I would give the woman a modicum of food/water and point her to the nearest shelter/population that takes in strays.

    Three, I don't think "precious metal" is going to be that precious. I think castable linotype will be the new gold standard.


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