New phone scam aimed at conservatives?

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New phone scam aimed at conservatives?

This is a discussion on New phone scam aimed at conservatives? within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; I just got a dubious call from some "Trump-supporting" organization that I've never heard of. The caller just kept asking questions about issues that the ...

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Thread: New phone scam aimed at conservatives?

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    New phone scam aimed at conservatives?

    I just got a dubious call from some "Trump-supporting" organization that I've never heard of. The caller just kept asking questions about issues that the President had acted on and that most conservatives would agree with. I suspect he was trying to get a recording of my voice saying "Yes", to use for some nefarious purpose. A similiar scam was reported on the news a few days ago.

    The first question they usually ask is "Can you hear me?" Never say yes.

    Be careful out there.
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    Simple I don't play phone games. If I answers you have less than a split second to say who you are or click. I never answer and survey or poll on the phone. Big reason the poll folks were so far off about Trump.
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    Karl Marx said, "Destroy their culture, rewrite their history. Ruin their art and literature, and defame their heroes, by offering fabrications to scandalize that which they considered good.
    After reading this Obama said I am on it.

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    I absolutely don't take any calls from organizations running phone rooms - I'm on the "No Call List" and they are violating the law in most cases - most are nothing but a con ....
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    I have one cell phone and no hardline. If I don't recognize the number or it does not identify as one of my customers I don't answer. They can go to voice mail or hell.
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    Scammers don't give a rodent's rectum if you're conservative or not. They just care if you have money they can steal.
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    There is a sucker born every minute.......P. T. Barnum.
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    If the number is not one on my contact list, I don't answer.
    I get unknown calls every day. If they don't leave a message, then DELETE.
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    Lately I've been watching YT video of scam baiters. Most of the conversations were hilarious with the end result of the scammer getting frustrated and no money. Even found a scam baiters website that gives tips on how to deal with these idiots! Just listening to the conversation is worth a good laugh.
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    Everyone who matter know that I only answer texts
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    Another good reason I NEVER answer my phone. If it's important they'll leave a message.

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    Judge them by their actions NOT their rhetoric.


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