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Amazon Prime $4.95 B

This is a discussion on Amazon Prime $4.95 B within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; Every week, several things. That being said, I'm buying more and more from They have similar or better pricing on many things. You now ...

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Thread: Amazon Prime $4.95 B

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    Every week, several things.

    That being said, I'm buying more and more from They have similar or better pricing on many things. You now get free 2 day shipping, like Prime, if you spend at least $35... with no annual fee. I purchase most of my superpails of Emergency Essentials foods from them as they offer free freight plus are normally much cheaper than anywhere else. Much cheaper than Amazon & much better than

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Watchman View Post
    Every month .... something.
    Every few days...something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robie View Post
    Every few days...something.
    Every day... something (with very few exceptions)
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    I signed up for the free two-day shipping and kindle freebies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnotherSOFSurvivor View Post
    Im a Prime member definitely worth it for some cool deals and the shipping.

    They also offer a card that is 5% cash back on all purchases with prime and 2% for groceries and youd essentially be getting 5% off prime stuff, and if you hace Amazon Produce delivery even better

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    +1. Same here. My prime membership is well worth the cost. Also keeps me from having to go to the "shopping maul" virtually ever. lol
    "Free your mind, and your OS will follow."

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    We signed up for Amazon Prime on a month-to-month basis simply so I could watch The Grand Tour.

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    We order stuff from amazon...but we're never in a hurry so I've never opted for the prime membership. I do get a little irked because I really do believe that they intentionally delay shipment in an effort to get you to sign up for the Prime service. One more reason I don't plan on signing up. I have found to be of value as well when using the free shipping. It's also nice to order the bigger stuff shipped to the house so I don't get stopped by the receipt Nazi at the door asking for my papers. Usually I make them mad by saying "no thanks" and keep walking. It usually confuses them, but some try to insist but I keep walking. Yes, I'm an ass sometimes!


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