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Passenger Drone Anyone?

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Thread: Passenger Drone Anyone?

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    Where do I sign up?
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    Like it or not, I think that if we don't fall this will be the future of passenger air service, especially "short-range" travel. This is how it will be sold...

    1) Small one & two man drone units.
    2) Electrically powered to reduce environmental damage.
    3) Each trip, like a taxi-ride, will be paid for by the customer (Credit Card).
    4) All the units utilize "swarm logic" and are in constant communication. That way they can never collide.
    5) The FAA and the service operator will be in constant communication (telemetry and VOX/Video when necessary) with each unit.
    6) FAA, Federal, and local authorities will have the ability to take control of any units necessary in a time of emergency, a situation where a warrant is present, etc.
    7) This will reduce congestion on the city streets.
    8) Removing the "human element" and "human error" from the equation will make travel much safer.

    Now obviously, we can poke 10,000 holes in all of the points I put above, and all the other ones they will come up with, but like I said I believe that is how it will be "sold" to the public. Once we see the taxi cabs, buses, and cars go driver-less, small units like this will be next. Then they'll start wanting to make large-scale air travel pilot-less. They'll probably start w/ the cargo-flights (UPS, USPS, etc), then move on to passenger air.

    Personally, I do not want this. But I think it won't be too awful long (relatively) before you won't be able to drive your OWN car somewhere.
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    Passenger Drone Anyone?-stock-photo-humorous-image-drone-taxi-flying-through-air-carrying-drunk-man-over-ba.jpg
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    Its about economics. In San Francisco this would be a God send and people would pay well for it. It can take me almost an hour to get across town depending on where I am and have to go. The congestion in the air around here would be substantial. Oh wait. You were talking Dubai, where technology and innovation lead the way, not government. Here in SF it would take at least a decade just to do an environmental review, and then there'd be law suits by uber and taxi drivers not too mention a needed tax code so the city fathers could have their way with it.
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    I suggest we use these drones to scoop up illegals and drop their asses off south of the Rio Grande! From a couple hundred feet!


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