Kmart Sears Macys and the future of malls

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Kmart Sears Macys and the future of malls

This is a discussion on Kmart Sears Macys and the future of malls within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; Sears and kmart are closing 150+ stores. our local kmart will be closed by march. It seems that the old hang out for kids is ...

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Thread: Kmart Sears Macys and the future of malls

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    Kmart Sears Macys and the future of malls

    Sears and kmart are closing 150+ stores. our local kmart will be closed by march. It seems that the old hang out for kids is passing away. the prediction is that 50% of malls will close within 10 years

    Sears and Kmart closing 150 stores - Jan. 5, 2017

    Sears, Kmart to close 150 stores, Macy's closing 68 stores |

    Malls across america are dying as amazon and stand alone walmarts will them

    Are malls really dying? - Business Insider

    A dying breed: The American shopping mall - CBS News
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    Online sales are more convenient, you mostly avoid sales tax, and they dont markup as much as stores have to due to overhead.

    Malls wont go away entirely as people still want to get hands on stuff before they buy like clothes and shoes

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    I will not miss "Kame-apart" and Sears. Kmart sold sub-walmart quality products and Sears is over-priced products in many cases. I do agree that in-store shopping of all kinds have been taking a hit for a few years as on-line gets a larger piece of the pie.
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    most of the malls in ga are nothing more than a place for the getto rats to hang out. i haven't been to an indoor mall in several years. i dont like the idea of being in a crowd anyway, much less in one inside a building.
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    I think some of those that survive will be upscale. There are already two here that cater to the very rich. What fun is buying your $7000 clutch online? The thrill is to see and be seen by your peers and the hoi polloi as you buy your expensive diamonds and suits.
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    Rent for merchants is extremely high at a mall. Unless you have lots of upscale traffic your a dead duck as a store.
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    K mart and Sears are closing stores here too. Screw Macy's! I'll only miss Sears because I get my tools from them.
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    Amazon busted some heads, and Jeff Bezos must be laughing all the way to the bank. UM, lemme see; bank buildings may be in peril too, so there goes that old saying.

    It is OK with me if Sears and Kmart go out of business, it looks like they would have learned something by now. Wal-Mart had already crushed them into a singular mass of ill fitting stores.
    And now they are on the verge of liquidation, but they still don't get it. That goes for a lot of malls too; there are going to be closings of big ones, but they can't do anything to stop it.
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    Malls for the most part are a thing of the past in Columbus, Ohio, . . . only the Polaris mall hangs in there, . . . but it is newer, . . . upscale, . . . and if you know where your store is . . . you can park fairly close to it.

    The rest are pretty much gone, . . . and there were several.

    When the hood rats begin to take over Polaris, . . . it will be the death knell to it too. I'm thinking maybe 10 years at the outside.

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    I feel like a trapped animal in a mall, online shopping is so much more peaceful
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