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Opinion on posting alarm company signs on property

This is a discussion on Opinion on posting alarm company signs on property within the General Talk forums, part of the General Discussion category; Still nothing works better then a German Shepard standing in the yard barking. No one pays attention to signs at that point....

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Thread: Opinion on posting alarm company signs on property

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    Still nothing works better then a German Shepard standing in the yard barking. No one pays attention to signs at that point.
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    with the old systems it was fairly eazy to check for the install - these days the dice could fall either way .... whether to advertise depends alot on the neighborhood - crappy neighborhood using a sign would draw unwanted attention - good neighborhood sign/no sign wouldn't mean much ...
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    I had always heard the police in my town are pretty decent. I had to call for a boyfriend/girlfriend argument that was escalating. Two cars were here in 3 minutes and another within one more minute. The boyfriend who lived in the girlfriend's house was what I would call a "collector/gun seller" and always had a dozen ARs and AKs + pistols in his safe, (surprisingly every time I came to visit, even unexpectedly, the safe was open) plus loaded mags. I passed this onto the 911 operator and think the first LEO waited for backup before pulling up to the house, IMHO, not that I blame them.
    My neighborhood is what I call modestly priced lower/middle class. Houses are in the $175K to $200K.

    Being close to Tucson, I see on TV about a lot of break ins and home invasions. Being from Chicago area, I saw over the years how the gang bangers were taking the train and slowly moving west and north into the suburbs. So put it all together for me, I am very seriously looking at one of the DIY alarms. I spend too many evenings away from house teaching ham class, etc. and the wife doesn't hear all that great anymore. My instinct right now is to forego the signs and not advertise.
    Thanks very much for useful the input.
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    PQ, what I did when I built the new house, was web cams, motion detection stored to a hard drive locally and duplicated on a hidden computer, they could be stored in the cloud also since I have wireless home phone and wireless internet. I decided that there was no way I could harden the house to the point of security, i.e. bars on the windows, drop bar across all door exits.

    So what is best.

    1. vicious dogs inside and outside.
    2. camera system to convict the perps and perhaps recover your stuff
    3. a loud local alarm

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    Our property is fenced, and the two gates that front the public road stay closed and secured with lock and chain whether we are home or not.
    There are two signs on each gate - No Trespassing and Beware Of Dog.
    While other houses on our road have been burgled, we never have.
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    I have a sign in front. In back I have a sticker, this home protected by Sig Sauer. If they make it to that point, reading it will be too late.
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    Alarm company signs work better than actually having an alarm.
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    I think having the signs is a good thing especially in a metro area. I think 90 percent of the effectiveness of alarms is the signs. Keeps your average thief moving down the road to another target. If you have a huge multi million dollar home everyone expects you to have an alarm even if you do not have signs.

    I would recommend an alarm but using signs from a company other than the one you actually use.
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    I have silent alarm,

    Signs in yard only say beware of sentry dogs.

    This is a liability precaution action photo's taken with time stamps over the years.
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    ADT signs are available from E-Bay.
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