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Where to begin as a new prepper

This is a discussion on Where to begin as a new prepper within the General Prepper and Survival Talk forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Originally Posted by MaterielGeneral Survival Fishing You hear a lot about hunting after a SHTF event and the animals being over hunted and hard to ...

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Thread: Where to begin as a new prepper

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaterielGeneral View Post
    Survival Fishing

    You hear a lot about hunting after a SHTF event and the animals being over hunted and hard to find but you do not hear a lot about fishing for the survival situation. Fish are a good source of lean protein and usually take little effort to get. You just have to have bait and time.

    The comments that I hear about the most in survival communication are fishing pole and YoYo fishing reels being the popular choice. There are how ever different fishing methods. Depending where you live some of these methods are illegal. In Michigan if you fart in the water its illegal so most of these techniques are for after WROL. Fishing and hunting for frogs can also give older kids and teens something to do instead of thinking about the bug out or how crappy a SHTF event is. Factors you will have to consider is how safe is the water, depth, is it fast moving etc.

    As I mentioned above YoYo Fishing Reels, they're pretty popular in the survival community. Once a fish bites and pulls the bait. The reel will set the hook and partially reel it in. You usually tie the reel to an object near the water or even a float on the water. These reels allow you to go about your tasks while they do the fishing for you. These are a common item for the bug out bags.

    Fishing poles come in many different sizes but for bug out bags if someone does want a pole then the telescopic pole is a common choice. You don't really need a pole though, nature can provide the pole, you just have to provide the line, hook and sinker.

    Trotlines, I believe trotlines are a Southern technique. They are a essentially a horizontal line as long as you desire with vertical lines hanging down from it, with a fish hook at the bottom. There are variations where the trotline is submerged, but high enough to keep the hooks off of the bottom and you can float it with longer vertical lines to reach deeper into the water. If you float it, then you have to watch out for motorboat motors getting tangled in the line if they are still in operation.

    Gill nets, gill nets are basically a mesh style net that when the fish try to swim thru it and cant, it tries to back out and the gills get caught and the fish is trapped. After a set amount of time you simply reel the net in to the boat or land and remove the fish from the net as you go. Once you have removed all of the fish you replace the net back into the water.

    Spears, fishing spears are generally for shallow water and involves you being in the water but you can get smaller spears that can be used on frogs and fish.

    If you look on YouTube you can find many videos on how to use the tools listed above. If you look on eBay, walmart.com and other internet company's you can find the above listed items. If you have local mom and pop stores then check them out. You probably wont pay much more than a chain and you will be supporting your community.

    Questions, comments?

    questionable fishing method we Northerners don't have much history with is electrical shocking - more common down South - the old timers took the crank crank transformer from the old phone systems and used that for some quiky fish dinners .... eazy enough to come up with a modern version ....
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    I was going to mention for a WROL time period only is using explosives. I'll leave at that.
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