Misconceptions About Preppers

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Misconceptions About Preppers

This is a discussion on Misconceptions About Preppers within the Featured Topics forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; There are so many misconceptions about preppers. Many think that preppers are those folks we see on reality TV. What misconceptions have you heard? How ...

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Thread: Misconceptions About Preppers

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    Misconceptions About Preppers

    There are so many misconceptions about preppers. Many think that preppers are those folks we see on reality TV.

    What misconceptions have you heard? How do we correct the misconceptions? Does it even matter?

    Maybe, it would help to first understand the term "prepping".

    How do YOU define prepping.

    Do preppers tend to be certain "types" of people?

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    without a doubt - the largest conception about preppers is that everyone is a gun nut .... very typical example is in the Tremors movie - Bert Gummer and his basement bunker ....
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    That we are some how anarchist . Of course that word is often used wrong. That we are anti society . When we are really the ones that want to help society by being ready and not depending on other people badly need resources. We don't seek anarchy only a buffer from it. We are not gun nuts we are gun educated.
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    Most non prepper types think we only focus on guns and food. Little do they know we actually spend hours discussing the best way to spend our money in a market economy that shows what is most important to us when communicating non verbally.
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    Tv is just there to promote the sensational. No fun and no ratings with an even handed rationale incremental approach. The more extreme the better. I did bust a gut at some rookie bragging about having a thousand rounds on hand. Horrific to libtards though.
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    I knew there was a reason I don't watch the Boob Tube any more. Thankfully, I've never seen any of these 'doomsday prepper' shows.
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    Ok, I can be classified as a gun nut, I work on them professionally, so I must be one.

    Yes, the public at large, have widespread opinions on what we really are.

    I don't try to communicate with anyone about it, all can go to hell.

    We are condemned because most of us are right wing, which is deplorable to the left.
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    Gun nut??? Hey ... I resemble that remark!!!

    No doubt the TV personalities are chosen for impact and ratings and I'm sure many ham it up for the camera. Some may be exactly that way in their daily life, while others are far more subtle. I also believe there are people out there who don't identify as preppers but, for all intents and purposes, are precisely that. For myself, I'd say that I'm a 'hobbyist prepper' if such a category exists. I'm not all the way down the rabbit hole but I know where it is and what's inside. I think my family's readiness level is in the top 10% of most in this country and I'm good with that. If there was an event tomorrow that locked us down for one month, we would be just fine. Perhaps in the years to come I'll stretch that number to three, six, nine months, etc. but for now I like our hedge against most realistic scenarios. Nukes, Plagues and Zombies are a different story
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    It was said that preppers are just being paranoid of the government, I tried to explain that being able to prep is being self sufficient and being able to take care of ones self without depending on the government. When we explain what prepping is we have to explain it in the simplest terms, liberals are kinda dense and brainwashed.
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    I don't talk to anyone prepping, except to my family and a couple of very trusted friends - and they don't need it explained.

    The biggest misconception I've run across is that preppers actively want society to fall apart so they can be proved right and take their rightful place. Most of the preppers I've come across want everything to stay sane, but are prepared if it doesn't.
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