Prepping vs. Hoarding: Where Is The Line Drawn?

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Prepping vs. Hoarding: Where Is The Line Drawn?

This is a discussion on Prepping vs. Hoarding: Where Is The Line Drawn? within the Featured Topics forums, part of the Survivalist, Prepper, Bushcrafter, Forest Rangers category; Where is the line drawn between prepping and hoarding. At what point does it become an obsession, rather than simply being prepared?...

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Thread: Prepping vs. Hoarding: Where Is The Line Drawn?

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    Prepping vs. Hoarding: Where Is The Line Drawn?

    Where is the line drawn between prepping and hoarding.

    At what point does it become an obsession, rather than simply being prepared?

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    I guess it's all a matter of perspective.
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    Well, the Mormons have always recommended one year of supplies in case of emergency, which doesn't seem excessive. I think it depends on where you live, also. Water is especially important in their desert climate, and I wouldn't fault them if they wanted hoard that item. In a cabin up in the Yukon, I'd want to have plenty of food and fuel, way over what that prep/hoard line would be for others.

    If you have the space, that is, you're not weaving down a narrow aisle of stacked MREs in your living room, I don't see anything wrong with having a year or even two of food, TP, and other items. Folks have found such prepping useful for other than emergencies, such as a breadwinner being laid off for a year.

    If you reach a point where food is going bad before you can rotate it into consumption, I'd call that hoarding.
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    Food, water, medical supplies, ammo = Prepping

    Old Newspapers, empty microwave dinner trays, aluminum cans, more than 3 cats = Hoarding

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    Hoarding as a psychological issue is rooted in anxiety, people feel better when they buy/collect stuff but get extremely anxious when they think about getting rid of stuff. I think the anxiety at getting rid of, or giving way stuff, would be the real sign of a psychological problem.

    So if people are storing food that is no longer good, or buying equipment in such quantities they can't recall what they have, or where it is, yet could never ever part with any of it, that would be hoarding. Justifying why you shouldn't ever give any of it away would still make it hoarding.
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    if the world stops on a dime... what difference does it make at that point?
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    If you can use it before it goes bad, you have something that works or used on something that works, it's not hoarding
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    A "Lady of the Evening" stopped by the bank to make a cash deposit. The bank teller, impressed over the size of the woman's deposit jokingly inquired, "Ma'am, did you hoard all of that money yourself?"

    "No", said the prostitute, "my sister whored some of it too."...

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    definition of what "hoarding" you use - some sheeple say preppers are hoarders because of the volume they store - some sheeple say preppers are hoarding even tho there's plenty of supplies existing today for them join the preparing ....

    personally don't care either way - screw em
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    There is a line? Really?


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